Capturing Life’s Perfect Moments

Should We Get Wedding Cinematography, Photography, or Both?

This is a tough question that we get frequently.  Our staff would recommend it all, but what is the difference between the two?  Renovation Studios (RS) photographers can capture unique moments, feelings, and atmosphere within one special shot.  These photographs will allow you to rememeber what you experienced.  However, we would challenge you to listen to your favorite song.  The music can completely take you back in time.  Cinematography utilizes extreme visual appeal and audio sensory.  In turn, our customers are able to relive the moments, not just remember them.

Do you provide services for customers outside of the Chicagoland Area?

Yes.  We travel nationwide for our clients.  If you are out of the local Chicagoland area or would like us to capture a destination wedding, contact us.  We will be happy to work with you and make sure your needs are met.

Wedding Cinematography is great, but what other services do you provide?

We agree.  Weddings are some of the best celebrations that a person can be apart of.  However, we provide video and photo services for many types of events and occasions.  This includes family events, lifetime milestones, special occasions, music videos, and more.  We also convert video tapes to DVD and provide other video conversion services.  Our brilliant team also provides an array of services to corporate clientele as well.  Check out our corporate website for more details.

My concern is pricing. How do I receive an estimate?

Renovation Studios (RS) is constantly working on our processes to keep our cost affordable and still provide excellent quality.  On our contact us page, we have a simple quote form.  Provide your name, contact information, and type of service requested.  A representative will contact you at a convenient time and take you through a standard consultation. Upon completion, we will have a clear understanding of your needs and be able to provide a quote.  We are aware that some clients don’t need any assistance.  For those who have a detailed outlook about what they want, RS has a customer experience form that can be accessed online.  Send us an email and we will provide you with online link to fill-out the form.  We will provide a quote within 24 hours.

What if I hire your videography team along with a different photography company?

Don’t worry.  Obviously, we would love for you to utilize our professionals for all of your needs.  However, we respect your decisions and strive for a seamless working relationship with other companies.  We request the contact information of the group you are working with and speak with them before your event.  Our goal is to discuss the logisitcs of the event and maximize the efficiency of all parties involved.  This is merely to allow you to relax and focus on enjoying the making of memories.  At RS Cinematography, we worry about capturing the memories and you just sit back and enjoy our show.

Who Is Renovation Studios?

We are a local Chicagoland business that specializes in photo and video services.  We are located in Downers Grove, IL and have been established since 2009.  Our team consists of talented photographers, cinematographers, video editors, and web designers (Corporate).  Everyone takes pride in providing outstanding customer service and showcasing superior expertise.  If you have questions, concerns, ideas, or looking for career opportunities…. Just give us a call or send us an email.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Photo Video Frequently Asked Questions

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